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Rogers Solicitors offers Reliable, Professional & Straight-Talking Legal Assistance for Victims of Personal Injury

Personal Injuries

Offering a Range of Personal Injury Solicitor Services for the Following:

Rogers Solicitors has years of experience providing top-quality personal injury solicitor services to clients across Dublin and Ireland. Whether you’ve been the victim of a road traffic accident, accident at work, accident in a public place, or otherwise, we’re on-hand to help you work through your case and receive compensation where relevant.

As a straight-talking, reliable, and client-focused law firm, we ensure empathetic, honest, and accessible Dublin personal injury solicitor services, cutting through the legal jargon to keep you informed and at ease.

Our team of injury claim solicitors have years of experience in the personal injury field and are always happy to help answer any questions you may have. Whether you’ve sustained a large injury and want representation or simply need some general information on filing a claim after being a victim of an injury, we’re on-hand 24/7 to help.

  • Accidents in the Workplace
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Accidents in Public Places (Shops, Footpaths etc)
  • Accidents On Board Aeroplanes
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Accidents Abroad
  • Medical Negligence
  • Fatal Claims
  • Personal Injury for Minors
  • Emotional & Psychological Damage Claims

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Dublin Personal Injury Solicitors

With offices conveniently across Dublin Rogers Solicitors aims to make our personal injury solicitor services as accessible as possible for clients living all over Dublin and the surrounding areas. We offer personal injury solicitor services for all types of injuries, ensuring confidentiality, professionalism, and compassion at the heart of all we do.

Rogers Solicitors

Client Testimonials

I am very grateful to Rogers Solicitors for helping me successfully my personal injury case. Lawyer Majella Carragher is in charge of my case. She is very professional and patient in communicating with me, understanding my situation and suggested reasonable advice. She never delayed messages, always contacted and replied to me in time, and completed my case within a short time. She's the best lawyer I've ever met. Highly recommend.

How We Manage a Personal Injury Claim

In order to successfully bring a claim for personal injury, you must be able to demonstrate that another party was negligent and the accident was caused by their negligence. For example, if you had an accident in work you must be able to prove that your employer or a colleague was to blame for the accident. Or if you were involved in a car accident you must be able to show that the accident was caused by another driver.

You must also be able to prove that you have suffered an injury. If you were genuinely injured then you will likely have required medical treatment by your own GP or by medical staff in a hospital. Medical evidence must support your claim for personal injury. Solicitors are able to request your medical notes and records from whichever medic treated you and we can request a medical report from the treating doctor to outline your injuries for the purpose of supporting your personal injury claim.

Once we have a medical report to hand and all relevant information relating to the accident circumstances, we can then submit your case to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB). All Personal Injury cases in Ireland must be submitted to PIAB (with some exceptions such as medical negligence claims). PIAB is an independent statutory board that assesses the value of Personal Injury claims in Ireland. PIAB will assess all medical evidence to hand and put forward their valuation on what they feel the claim is worth. If all parties are happy with the assessment then the case will be settled and compensation will be paid.

However if a Defendant to the claim feels that they are not to blame for the accident then they will likely not agree to PIAB assessing the claim, and the claim will exit the PIAB process. Court proceedings will then be necessary to progress the matter. The bottom line is that PIAB will only get to assess the value of a case if the Defendant is happy to allow this, and they will only consent to this if they are happy to accept blame for the accident.

There may also be cases where the Defendant is happy for PIAB to assess the value of the case, but either the client or the Defendant is not happy with the valuation that PIAB has placed on the claim. Typically a client may feel that the assessment or award is too low, or the Defendant may feel that it is too high. The bottom line is that all parties must be happy with the award for settlement to take place within the PIAB process. If one or all of the parties are not happy with the PIAB assessment, then the case will exit the PIAB process and Court proceedings will be necessary to progress the case.


Personal Injury Claims FAQ

I need a personal injury solicitor near me. What’s your catchment area?

We act for clients in all 26 counties, it does not matter where you are based we can help.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury solicitor?

The price of hiring a personal injury solicitor varies depending on the type of case you have. Get in touch with our team for a free quote on our full range of personal injury solicitor services today.

How is a personal injury claim calculated?

A variety of factors are considered when calculating a personal injury claim. These factors can include the person’s age at the time of the injury, how the injuries have affected the person’s quality of life, and the medical implications of the injury. A personal injury solicitor will need to have complete access to all the details surrounding the claim in order to calculate an appropriate figure.

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