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GDPR Breach

Rogers Solicitors Guide to GDPR Breaches in Ireland

A GDPR breach is any security incident that results in the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data (Article 4(12), GDPR). 


Below are a list of real examples of common GDPR breaches in Ireland:


A GP sending medical records to the wrong person


A bank sending incorrect information about an individual to the Central Credit Register


A finance company sending your repayment statement to the wrong person


An employer revealing an employee's earnings with no lawful basis


We specialise in Irish GDPR breaches and the cases we deal with are wide ranging.


If you have suffered a GDPR breach in Ireland you have several options at your disposal:


1.  You can make a complaint to the Data Protection Commission (DPC) via their website


2.  You can take a civil action against the "at fault" party, otherwise known as the data controller and/or data processor.


3.  You can make a complaint to An Garda Siochana if there is a criminal element to the GDPR breach.


At Rogers GDPR Solicitors Ireland, we help assist individuals bring civil actions for damages if their data has been breached.  


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