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Have you been the victim of a Data Breach?
Rogers Solicitors for help

Data Breaches

Offering Professional Legal Aid for Victims of Data Breaches:

Being the victim of a data breach can be upsetting, distressing, and confusing for many people. Under the EU GDPR legislation, your data is protected and having this taken advantage of can make you feel vulnerable. Your data is precious and is protected under both Irish and European laws. GDPR and the Data Protection Act both place onerous obligations on organisations who hold your data to ensure that the data is secure.
Here at Rogers Solicitors, we provide specialist legal services for victims of data breaches. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable data protection solicitors provide straightforward, transparent, and accessible legal advice to help you bring forward a case and/or receive legal redress where possible.
With in-depth knowledge of both private and commercial data protection law, our team ensures professional legal services that you can rely on. We’re available 24/7 to ensure you’re kept up to date on the status of your case and never kept in the dark when it comes to your data protection case.

We offer a wide range of services for victims of data breaches and exploitation in Dublin, including:

  • Exploitation of Data
  • Loss of Data
  • Data Taken Without Permission
  • Data Hacking
  • Unlawful Storage of Data
  • Accidental and/or Unlawful Destruction of Data
  • Unlawful Alteration or Processing of Data
  • Unauthorised Access to Confidential Data

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How to File a Data Breach Legal Claim

Contact a Data Breach Solicitor

The first step after finding out that you’ve been a victim of a data breach is to contact a GDPR or data protection solicitor. As a professional in the industry, your solicitor will give you advice and recommendations on the best steps to take and whether you could be entitled to compensation.

Compile Evidence with Your Solicitor

After being accepted by a solicitor to file a legal case, the next step to take is compiling evidence alongside your legal representative. This evidence can be personal or taken from the company through which your data has been compromised.

File Your Claim

After compiling evidence and informing your solicitor of the intricacies of your case, the final step to take when filing a data breach claim is to actually file the claim. Your data protection solicitor will do this on your behalf. You will then be told whether your case will be going to court or settled privately.

Data Breaches FAQ

How long does it take to file a data breach claim?

This completely depends on the intricacies and details of the case. Get in touch with Rogers Solicitors Dublin data protection solicitors today to discuss how long it could take for your case to be filed and/or resolved.

Where can I find a data protection solicitor near me?

Rogers Solicitors is a Dublin data protection solicitor offering services for individuals and companies who have been victims of a data breach.

Will I get compensation if my data has been hacked?

This all depends on the extent of hacking and the evidence that can be compiled. This being said, however, Rogers Solicitors always works to get our clients the legal redress and compensation they are entitled to. Get in touch with our team for more information.

Rogers Solicitors

Client Testimonials

I am very grateful to Rogers Solicitors for helping me successfully my personal injury case. Lawyer Majella Carragher is in charge of my case. She is very professional and patient in communicating with me, understanding my situation and suggested reasonable advice. She never delayed messages, always contacted and replied to me in time, and completed my case within a short time. She's the best lawyer I've ever met. Highly recommend.

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